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We specialize in bringing out the best your home has to offer. Our professional epoxy floor installations increase the value of your home by enhancing the overall appearance and providing a more spacious feel, all while extending the life of your concrete. Choose from a wide range of epoxy floor solutions, each full of sleek designs while providing a durable, long-lasting surface. The smooth and seamless nature of these floors prevents dust and bacteria build up and are easier to clean and maintain. From unique additions for kitchen and bath to garage and outdoor resistance, we create an extraordinary look to any home


The design elements of high solids epoxy are simple yet stunning. These floors will enhance the atmosphere of your home, providing a seamless, spacious feel. The neutral design colors will increase the value of your home and appeal to all interior appearances. Beyond the attractiveness of this application, it will also resist dust and bacteria build up for an easy clean and maintenance.


Give your living room, kitchen or basement a more open, spacious feel while brightening any room. Metallic epoxy packs sleek design with incredible, durable power. This one of a kind design technology creates incredible depth with its unique application process. The epoxy floor will resist dust and bacteria build up from its smooth and seamless nature, making cleaning and maintaining much easier.

Decorative Chip

Decorative Chip epoxy works great for any setting. Decorative Chip epoxy is the most resistant and durable by nature with its multiple layer coating. Hides imperfections and provides excellent resistance to surface abrasion, while giving a stunning appearance to any room.


Treating your outdoor surfaces with a professional protective coating application will keep your patio, pool deck, or porch looking brand new. Restore and prevent weathering and fading from outdoor elements creating a long-lasting, stunning appearance. This coating system offers superior durability and abrasion resistance to ensure an enhanced look to your home.

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