Industrial Services

Through the fast-paced work environments, the heavy machinery moving constantly, and the amount of chemicals used on the surfaces, industrial facility floors take on a lot. Without the correct protective coating installation, all of the constant surface abrasion, cracks, and discoloration can end up leading to hazards in your workplace. CONSO specializes in providing industrial facilities the floor they need to take on anything. These seamless and durable surfaces produce less dust and make surfaces easier to clean and maintain. Our epoxy floor installation and concrete polishing will boost employee morale and add to the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the facilities.


Epoxy packs superior design elements with the long-lasting, durable power it needs to support heavy-traffic businesses like industrial locations. Transform your industrial setting to a more open, spacious feel. The epoxy floor will resist dust and bacteria build up from its smooth and seamless nature, providing a quicker clean and a safer work environment.

Polished Concrete

Enhancing the effectiveness of your industrial facility is simple with a professional, polished concrete application. Polished concrete provides resistance to the constant heavy machinery movement, like tire marks from hi-lo traffic, along with surface and chemical abrasion of industrial settings because they offer superior durability. This system resists stains, reduces dust and eliminates a need for waxes or coatings after applied. The multiple step application allows you to choose your level of sheen from satin to high-gloss to provide an appearance unique to your requirements. These smooth, high-lustrous floors will allow for a safer and more efficient workspace from employees to machinery operations.

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