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Definitely, would recommend Conso to anyone. Our home has had so many compliments since we added epoxy to our basement. We noticed it’s much easier to clean and has created an entirely new look to our home in an easy and affordable way

Sarah T.
Happy Customer

Very happy with the new epoxy and decorative chip in my garage. It has completely changed the look of the space ,if you’re looking for an attractive floor I strongly recommend Conso.

Douglas S.
Home Owner

The metallic epoxy Conso did for our store has had a huge impact on the overall look. With the bold color that attracts customers and smooth finish that is easy to clean , we are very pleased with the whole application. From start to finish it was a quick, simple process.

Vinny C.
Home Owner

Our epoxy floor done by Conso was fast, our facility was able to get back to work quickly. For a reasonable cost, we were provided with a highly protective floor. Now our facility looks better, runs smoother, and is safer overall

Kevin T.
Plant Manager


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